Generate An Extra Side Income With Your Own Car

Do you own a car and having a plenty of leisure time? Why don’t you give it a try to generate an extra side income with just driving your own car.

Do you know that the largest and greatest taxi company in the world (UBER) are paying salary to their drivers each and every week? UBER’s drivers or more well known as UBER’a partners don’t drive at specific or fix time. They drive just to generate side income at their leisure time.

This is because driving an UBER is very flexible in time and you don’t have to pay a specific licence or rent a special car to drive an UBER.

To become an UBER’s driver, you just need a several requirements as per below:-

1) You just have to own a car or the car insurance need to note a cover you as a second driver.
2) You have to hold a full driving licence and not a ‘P’ licence holder.
3) You also have to own a smartphone as a medium of communication between you as the driver and the passenger.

Smartphone are important as a tool for GPS to track and lead to the exact location needed.
There’s a few inquiry regarding the safety issue as to become an UBER’s driver. Here’s my answers ; driving an UBER are safer rather than driving a TAXI. This is because :-

1) All UBER’s passengers are registered at the UBER’s official website and all of their information are collected by the headquarters and also noticeable by the drivers. These are different with Taxi’s, if something bad happen, there are no information to track and trace them.
2) UBER’s passengers come from a well educated background or a fix income range of people. It is because all of them need to owned a credit card in order to fulfil the transaction. It is hard for one to own a credit card right? Whenever the passenger’s credit card registers at the UBER’s website, it is a definite info collected regarding the passenger kept such as their house address, occupation, office address and so on. In short, if there something unexpected incident occurs, it will be VERY EASY to track them.

There are also no fees charge to the UBER’s drivers, everything are definitely free including a FREE REGISTRATION and a free introduction class. UBER will just charge 20% from the passenger payment fee. For example, in a week, your total income is Rm 1000, UBER will charge a total amount of Rm 200. On top of that, UBER’s driver will be collected the Rm 800 straight in their bank account. Payment will be made every Wednesday. The calculation of the chargers are usually starting from 4am (Monday) until 3.59am (Next Monday).

For the time being, UBER Malaysia are fully operated in Klang Valley, Johor Baharu, Penang and a few other states. The area are expanding from time to time according to the needs of the people surrounding.

Are you interested to join and become the UBER’s partner? Click Here.

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